Katie’s story of love, hope and dreams in Jubilee

In preparing to speak to you tonight, I’ve been thinking: what can I possibly stand up and say about our beloved school? How can I accurately express in words what this school means to me and to the entire community of Jubilee? There aren’t words that can express the depths of my soul that have been touched by being a … Read More

The First Year by Laura Hagy

It was almost one year ago now, the night that I sat on the floor of the Miami airport, anxiously thinking of the journey ahead of me, and writing my first blog entry of the year. I ended that post with this line, “After five amazing years in Pittsburgh, I’ve said ‘see you later’ to the city and people I … Read More

Beautiful Pieces

“That’s the scariest thing I have ever experienced.” Dottie said as she tells me about her recent trip to Haiti. While she and a team of school teachers were in Jubilee Blanc for a week in February, a tiny 5 year old PK-3 student named Odilove became ill with a respiratory infection. His oxygen saturation dropped to dangerously low levels … Read More

Will You Remember

He saw me and came running. It was my first day back in Jubilee after a whole year. Ifocoeur told me that David was home sick, which meant that I wouldn’t get to see him that day. I climbed to the second story of the school and looked out towards the houses in Jubilee. Just then a little person appeared … Read More

So Much More

I had the privilege of observing classes at the Jubilee School last week, as well as performing school physicals with the help of Anne Barr, RN. The Jubilee School (also known as Academie la Saline) is a special place for so many reasons, particularly the women and men who dedicate themselves to loving and teaching the students. There is Laura … Read More

About a Boy

I first met David in 2011. With his wide smile, curiosity and enthusiasm, David captured my heart right away. Shy at first, it didn’t take him long to ask to try out my stethoscope, otoscope and reflex hammer. Before I knew it, he was giving me a physical. David became my little friend, and I became his sponsor through Jubilee … Read More

The Goodness of God

The best thing about this place is the people. Those of you who have been here know exactly what I mean. There are some beautiful places in Haiti, but its true beauty lies in the faces and souls of its women, men and children. The most fun thing about visiting is getting to see our Haitian and American friends. I … Read More

Take a Trip to Jubilee

Okay, so it might be a little late for you to get a plane ticket for this Saturday. But maybe we can still share this journey together. Let me tell you a little about myself, because it’s always nice to know the people you are traveling with. I was born into a nice Christian family, went to a good college, … Read More

On the Strings of Love

Written by Jubilee School teacher/administrator April Komasinski.   This world is broken. Humanity is fractured. God has been weaving love into ropes and throwing them down from Heaven. Grasp ahold my child, I want you with me. I want you all with me. He calls to us. He calls our names. Frantically trying to show his love he continues to sing … Read More

What HOPE Looks Like

By Sondra McNorton

God is precious! He allows me to join Him on this journey of life, love, and hope in a special place called Jubilee Blanc. I have the joy of watching Him change lives through the love, prayers, and giving of others. I have the pleasure of seeing lifeless eyes give way to eyes that sparkle. I have the delight of seeing blank faces light up with smiles.  I have the privilege of sharing His Son, His truth, His love with beautiful people in a place called Jubilee Blanc.