Teachers at the Jubilee School come from a variety of backgrounds and locations, but they all have one thing in common… a love for the children in Jubilee Blanc and a passion for teaching them about God and the world He created.

Anna Chery

Anna Chery
My name is Anna Chery and I am a teacher in Jubilee. I was born in Gonaives in 1990. I love Academie La Saline because we are giving the students a great education. I would like to see Jubilee change so that God reigns here in this place.

Alex Hammontree

Hammontree_AlexandriaMy name is Alex Hammontree. I am the Director of our preschool program here at Academie la Saline. I have been living in Haiti since January 2016, and started working at the school in August of 2016. I am from Henderson, Texas. I previously worked at New Life Church, which I LOVED! I miss them greatly, but for now God has me here in Haiti! I live in Jubilee and absolutely love it! God is moving in Haiti, and I’m glad He is letting me be apart of it!

Aunia Luma

Luma_AuniaMy name is Aunia Luma. I am 25 years old. I started working at Academie la Saline in August, 2016, as the school secretary. I am so happy to be apart of all that is happening at our school and in Jubilee!

Cody Smith

Teacher - Cody Smith Hello, My name is Cody Smith, RN. I am the administrator of Klinic Jubilee and also oversee the healthcare needs of the Academie La Saline students. My family and I moved to Haiti in September 2012. I am married and have 4 children.

Elysee Pierr

My name is Elysee Pierre. I was born and raised in Gonaives. I am not married and I don’t have any children yet. I enjoy playing and watching soccer. I work in Jubilee because I love children and I love working with them. I am happy each time I see what our students are accomplishing. I want to continue to show the kids their value.

Esther Francique

Teacher - Esther
My name is Esther Francique. I am 25 years old and I live in Parc-Vincent. I am from Gonaives. I am married but do not have children yet. I love this school because it is my life. I love this school so much. I have been teaching here since 2011 and I love my students.

Eumanèse Santil

My name is Eumanèse Santil. I am 38 years old and have one child. I have studied at the University level. I began teaching at Academy la Saline this year, 2016, and work in the preschool program. I am so happy to be working at Jubilee School; I have come to share my knowledge with the students and help bring new things to Jubilee!

Fresnel Revange

Teacher - Fresnel
My name is Fresnel Revange. I am married and I have one son. I am the director of our school and I have a teaching degree. I love my work in the Jubilee area because I have seen a big change in the lives of the people here since I started working here in 2011. I am a servant of God and I have experienced the power of God in my life.

Judeson Cineus

My name is Judeson Cineus. I am 33 years old, and am married with one child. I finished studying at University and began teaching the 4 th grade class at Academie la Saline in August, 2016. I like Academy la Saline because they provide a great service to all of Jubilee!

Kenold Noël

Teacher - Kenold
My name is Kenold Noël and I live in Gonaives. I live with my mother and siblings. I was born in 1985. I am not married yet, but I have a girlfriend. I teach phys ed and I enjoy playing soccer and basketball. I like working at Academie La Saline becuase the people here show me how valued I am. My vision for this school is to see us grow, expand and go far. I want to see God bless this area.


Teacher - Lala Hello everybody!  My name is LauraLynn Nichols.  I am the school administrator here at Academie La Saline.  I have been here since the first year the school was opened back in 2010.  I am from Jesup, Georgia.  I terribly miss my parents and my sister Casey and brother Shelby while I am here, but I know this is where God has called me.

Due to a terrible home situation and severe malnutrition, the commissioner of Gonaives asked me to take custody of a little boy name Youvendjy.  Now my son is in first grade and nearly as sassy as I am.  He brings a light to my life that I hadn’t known before.  We are forever working on paperwork to get him home to the states to visit his grandparents and his proud aunt and uncle.  He is learning lots of English in school and at home.  I love the opportunity God has given me to live and work in Haiti.  I pour my heart and soul into this school because I believe education is the way to break the chains of slavery.

Laura Hagy

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Hagy. I am 24 years old and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2014 with a degree in Social Work and Child Welfare, I worked as a caseworker for Child Protective Services for two years. I felt called to move my life to Haiti after graduation, and through Katie Benner, I was connected to Academie la Saline. I moved to Gonaives in August of 2015, and am anxious to return now for my second year at the school teaching 2nd grade. I feel so blessed to be able to live and work in Jubilee, and am excited to see how God will work through our kids and families in the upcoming year.

Lourdine Dunazard

Lourdine Dunazard
My name is Lourdine Dunazard, and I was born in 1987 in Machan Dessalines. I have been working at Academie La Saline since 2013. I recently married Robinson, who also teaches in our school. I love this school because I would like to see the Jubilee area change. I would like to see the children in Jubilee advance educationally. My vision is for the children in this area to be a good example for the community.

Louis-Pierre Mezil

Teacher - Louis Pierre I work in the Jubilee School. I am the French teacher for Preschool 5. This is my first year at the Jubilee school. I don’t have a father, but I have a mother, five brothers, and four sisters. I am getting married in December. I have a two year old child named Don Pedro Sanchez. I am the only Christian in my family. Right now, I am attending an English class. My future wife’s name is Rachelle.

Meus Nesly

Meus Nesly
My name is Meus Nesly. I was born in 1984 in Lembe, but now I live in Gonaives. I feel very proud because I am an educator. The reason that I’ve come to work in Jubilee is to help transform the education of the kids in this area. I would like to help change the lives of the children in Jubilee.

Robinson Fleuristin

My name is Robinson Fleuristin and I am married to Lourdine, who also teaches in our school. I have been working in Academie La Saline since 2013. I work in this area of Jubilee because I want to see a transformation in this community. I would like to see us have a better society and a better country.

Viergnie Jean Pierre

Teacher - Viergnie
My name is Viergenie Jean Pierre. I was born in Gros-Morne and I am 26 years old. I have been a preschool teacher at Academie La Saline since 2011. My vision for our school is to see all of our students receive a good education that can help them go far in society.

Widny Saint Germain

SaintGermain_WidnyMy name is Widny Saint Germain. I was born in Haiti, but was raised in Florida and Massachusettes, where I graduated High School. After graduating, I returned to West Palm Beach, Florida, and studied visual communications at Palm Beach Community College for 2 years. I am very passionate about all types of art! I returned to Haiti in 2014, and began working at Acadmie la Saline in August of 2016. I am currently working with the preschool program and 3 rd grade class.

Pastor Wilbert Sama

Teacher - Pastor Sama
My name is Wilbert Sama. I am a pastor and a teacher. I am married and have four daughters. I have been working at Jubilee School since 2012. I came to work in this area to help the development that is happening here. I have another vision for this area as well. One day I would like to have a church where I could lead people to Christ. I want to be responsible for educating the children in Jubilee about God and to have a beautiful church where we can worship together.

Wilkens St. Philippe

Teacher - Wilkens
My name is Wilkens St. Philippe. I am 34 years old. I am married and my wife’s name is Enise. We have three daughters: Youdenicka, Richelle, and Maherlie. I live in Gonaives and attend the Apostolic Church. My family loves and believes in God a lot. I have been working in Jubilee at Academie La Saline since 2010. I really love the students and they love me too. I teach 4th and 5th grade English. I love teaching kids. My vision for the school is to see us become a great, great school.

Wisbens Leroy

Wisbens Leroy
My name is Wisbens Leroy and I live in Jubilee. I am not married yet, but I am engaged. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I am 26 years old. I enjoy playing basketball. I started working as a teacher at Academie La Saline in 2015. I would like to see our school continue to grow.