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To donate use the form to the right. Select the program you wish to support and click the “Donate” button to begin the process of making a one time donation. The donation will be completed via PayPal.

Funds donated are sent directly to our ministry partners who designate and use those monies for specified programs based on the donation details.

Your one time donation to Jubilee Kids will go to support not one specific child but the community as a whole. There are several specific programs you can choose to specifically donate to.

Programs for One Time Donation

Nutrition Program – Support the Jubilee Nutrition Program which provides daily nutritious meals to the Jubilee School students and malnourished children from the community of Jubilee Blanc. Locally sourced produce is served on a regular basis.

Jubilee School – Your donation will be used to support the Academie la Saline (the Jubilee School) and help to educate the children of Jubilee Blanc.

Jubilee Clinic – Donating to the Jubilee Clinic (Klinic Jubilee) helps us to provide health care services to the community through the clinic.

Social Work Program – Donations to the social work program are used to assess safety and meet the needs of children and families in the Jubilee Blanc community.

General – Donations to the General fund will go towards whichever program needs it the most.

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