Child Sponsorship

The sponsorship program is a wonderful way to directly provide basic needs for a child who truly needs it.

Nutrition Program

The Jubilee Nutrition Program provides high-quality meals of locally-grown foods for malnourished children from the community of Jubilee Blanc, as well as for the Jubilee School students.

Jubilee School

This program provides for education needs for the children including books, uniforms, building expenses or anything else needed by the school.

Jubilee Clinic

The Clinic provides acute, chronic and preventive healthcare services for individuals of all ages in Jubilee Blanc. Prenatal healthcare is also provided for expectant moms.

Social Work Program

The Jubilee Clinic Social Work Program aims to assess safety and meet the needs of children and families in the Jubilee Blanc community.

General Fund

Donations that are not specified to another purpose will be designated to the general fund. These funds will be used where they are most needed and may be disbursed among several other programs. To see where this might help, view the details of our various programs.