Klinik Jubilee


Klinik Jubilee was formally established in 2011 to provide primary care services to the community of Jubilee Blanc. While still dedicated to serving the needs of Jubilee, as our services have increased, so has our patient base. We see approximately 5500 patients per year from not only Jubilee but the greater Gonaives and outlying areas.

The clinic is under the direction of Cody Smith, RN and Oscar Dieuson. We are currently staffed by 14 people, including a general practice physician, nurses, community health workers, lab technician, social worker, and various support staff.

Klinik Jubilee is open Monday – Thursday from 8am – 2pm. Wound Care is available during open hours or by appointment only Friday-Sunday. Urgent care is available for the Jubilee community during non-operating hours as staff is available.

Klinik Jubilee is focused on primary care, preventative care, and health promotion. We desire to improve the quality and ease of access to healthcare for the Haitian people. We strive to give them more understanding, control, and responsibility of their own health and advocate for the health of children, the voiceless, and the marginalized.

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We believe in:

  • The importance of health promotion, education, and nutrition
  • Connecting people to other healthcare facilities for more extensive medical needs
  • The healing power of Jesus
  • Providing a healthy, living wage for our clinic staff
  • Being a haven of peace, hope, and love for the people of Jubilee
  • Playing a role in the progression of medical care in Haiti: from third, to second, to first world medicine
  • Partnering with healthcare professionals in America for training and support

We provide:

  • Primary care services including hypertension (high blood pressure) and other chronic disease management
  • Acute/urgent care services (care of non-life threatening injuries, wound and burn care)
  • Pre and postnatal maternity care
  • Well baby program
  • Pediatric care
  • Medika Mamba (Plumpy Nut) program for severely malnourished children
  • Formula program for infants
  • Nutrition Education
  • Home Health visits in the community of Jubilee
  • Physical therapy for stroke patients
  • Social Services Program
  • Medical Financial Aid assistance
  • Laboratory Testing & EKG
  • Community Health Worker & Lay-midwives training and continuing education for Health Care Workers