Jubilee School of Discipleship


Skill Programs

The different skills at our school are offered and directed with a heart of discipleship. Our desire is for students to not only learn a skill, but be discipled in who they are in Jesus while doing so. All of our skills are project-based, and divided into 3 phases. 


Phase 1: Learn it
Students will learn a skill from their teacher. Most courses will last approximately 3 months. 
Phase 2: Dream it / create it

When students enter phase 2, their teachers then become “Facilitators”. We offer a WiFi cafe where students can explore and enlarge their dreams!

Phase 3: Sell it
Our students will attend our business classes and also have one-on-one time with our leadership team to best assist them while moving forward with their project.

Programs Offered 

Sewing, Welding , Clay Art, Cosmetology, English 


school of Discipleship

This is a 16 week program with 8 weeks of lecture and 8 weeks of hands-on prayer and outreach. The program is designed to challenge, discipline, and help each student come into the call the Lord has on their life! While this program is not required to attend JSD, we challenge and encourage any person to be involved. 

Freedom Mornings

Each student enrolled in JSD is required to attend 2 “Freedom Mornings” per week. This is a time of worship, reflection, and encouragement. 

This program came out of the heart of a group of broken, starving, and saved-by-Jesus group of people! We don't claim to to have all the answers, but we do know there is NOTHING that beats the LOVE OF JESUS.