The Klinik Jubilee Social Work Program


Led by social worker and director Laura Hagy, the Klinik Jubilee Social Work Program aims to assess safety and meet the needs of children and families in the Jubilee Blanc community. 

Each aspect of the Program centers around protecting the family structure and ensuring child safety within their homes. Encompassing both the Infant Formula and Medika Mamba malnutrition programs, the Social Work aspect of Klinik Jubilee addresses the cycle of child malnutrition by providing caregiver education and resources to empower caregivers and parents to provide the best possible care for children in their homes.

Services Offered:

  • Medika Mamba Program for malnourished children ages 6 months – 5 years
  • Formula Program for malnourished infants
  • Caregiver education and nutritional classes
  • In-home Child Safety and Needs Assessments
  • In-home medical follow up appointments
  • Family counseling
  • Access to needs-based resources
  • Child placement and transition planning in severe cases of child abuse/neglect