Jubilee Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to supporting ministries in the community of Jubilee Blanc, Haiti. Jubilee Kids manages the funding for Academie la Saline (Jubilee School), the Jubilee Nutrition Program (formerly the Jubilee Feeding Program), Jubilee School of Discipleship, Klinik Jubilee and the Jubilee Social Work Program.

The Jubilee Feeding Program began in 2008 and the Jubilee School was founded in 2009.  Klinik Jubilee was established to provide primary care services to the community of Jubilee and surrounding areas. The Social Work Program was developed in 2017 and provides the Medika Mamba (Plumpy Nut) program for severely malnourished children and a Formula Program for infants, as well as providing for other needs of children and families in Jubilee. The Jubilee School of Discipleship provides both vocational training and discipleship classes. The vision of Jubilee Kids includes completing the new wing of the School and expanding Klinik Jubilee.

It is the desire of Jubilee Kids to see the community of Jubilee Blanc transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ.


Our Mission

Jubilee Kids’ mission is to honor our Lord and Savior by partnering with like-minded ministries to build hope and a better future for the children of Haiti.


Our Values

  1. We value PEOPLE: All individuals are loved unconditionally by their Maker and made in His image. We value people above programs. Our focus is on ministering to impoverished children, whose suffering breaks the heart of God.
  2. We value RELATIONSHIPS: We were created to live in relationship with God and with others.  We strive to cultivate relationships between sponsors and the communities and children we serve.
  3. We value FAITH: Our service is motivated by our faith, and our desire is that the children of Haiti will come to know and love Jesus.
  4. We value HOPE: Hope is one of the deepest needs of the human heart.  By providing basic physical needs and a Christian education, impoverished children are offered hope and resources for a better future.